Machine Coremaker III

Tend blower-type coremaking machines to produce sand cores.

What does a Machine Coremaker III do?

Tends blower-type coremaking machine to produce sand cores: Removes sand and particles of dirt from pattern with compressed air or brush. Places core box over pattern on bed of machine. Pulls lever or depresses pedal to blow and compact sand in core box. Places plate or drier on top of core box and turns box over. Lifts core box from core and lifts core from machine. May position reinforcing wires in core box before blowing in sand. May perform only one of above operations on revolving, multiple station, blower-type coremaking machine. May tend automatic blower-type coremaking machine and clean, glue, and rack cores as they are ejected from machine. May tend machine equipped with double core box and glue and clean cores from one box while machine forms and cures cores in other core box.