Machine Coremaker I

Tend turnover draw-type coremaking machines that make sand cores.

What does a Machine Coremaker I do?

Tends turnover draw-type coremaking machine that makes sand cores for use in casting metal: Clamps core box over die on front table of machine, and partly fills core box with sand from overhead chute, or by using hands or shovel. Depresses pedal to open compressed-air valve that causes table to rise and fall with series of jolts, to compress sand in box. Positions reinforcing wires in sand, fills box with sand, and repeats jolting. Tamps sand into core box with hand or pneumatic tool. Removes excess sand from top of core box with hands or straightedge and clamps metal plate to top of box. Pulls lever to roll front table over and deposit box top down on rear table. Pushes rear table down to withdraw core from core box and lifts core from machine.