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Machine Coil Assembler

Tend machines that join coils with helical springs to form assemblies.

What does a Machine Coil Assembler do?

Tends machine that joins coil with helical springs to form assemblies for innerspring mattresses, chairs, sofas, and automobile seats: Places coil springs in channels on machine table. Inserts end of helical spring in feeder that rotates and moves spring toward coils. Depresses pedal to start feeder and guides helical spring so that spring joins top edges of coils. Inserts spring in feeder and positions spring to secure bottom edges of coils. Pushes index bar against row of joined coils, or moves button or lever to activate bar that moves coils forward. Inserts coils in channels to form additional row. Removes completed spring assembly from machine or pulls release lever to eject assembly. Adjusts machine and relieves snagging or jamming, using handtools.