Machine Clothing Replacer

Replace paper-making machine clothing.

What does a Machine Clothing Replacer do?

Replaces paper-making machine clothing with material, such as canvas, felt, and wire-mesh: Reviews clothing service records of each machine to determine when replacements should be made. Examines clothing for defects, such as worn spots, tears, holes, and rotted areas, and schedules times for change or repair. Lifts feed, tension, press, and drier rolls from machine frame, using hoist, wrench, and pinchbar, assisted by machine crew. Removes lacing from worn canvas and felt belts and unwinds them from machine rolls. Pulls worn continuous wire mesh belt from machine over end of rolls. Threads canvas and felt belts around rolls and laces ends together or slides and pushes continuous wire mesh belt over end of rolls, into position on machine. Repositions rolls on machine frame and starts machine. Moves levers and turns handwheels to adjust speed and pressure of rolls and tension of clothing. Maintains service record of clothing used. May wash, repair, and store clothing.