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Machine Chocolate Molder

Tend machines that deposit tempered chocolates into molds to form bars.

What does a Machine Chocolate Molder do?

Tends machine and equipment that deposit tempered chocolate into molds to form bars, blocks, and assorted figures: Opens valves to draw chocolate from tempering kettle or automatic tempering equipment into water-jacketed depositor of molding machine. Observes thermometer and turns valves to admit and circulate water in jacket to maintain specified temperature of chocolate in depositor. Adjusts piston stroke of depositor that forces measured amounts of chocolate into conveyorized molds, using handtools. Turns handwheel to adjust speed of conveyor. Starts machine. Weighs filled molds to ensure that weight of chocolate casts meet specifications. Observes thermometer and turns thermostat and valve to control temperature in cooling tunnel. Observes action of machine to ensure that molds do not jam. May temper chocolate [CHOCOLATE TEMPERER].