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Machine Builder

Bolt or weld together industrial machines.

What does a Machine Builder do?

As a Machine Builder, you’re the driving force, the living machine that makes some of the most powerful industrial machines come to life from just a blueprint. To do this, you use power tools and welding equipment, as well as your own knowledge of systems and engineering. You also need to have an imagination. When you’re a Machine Builder, you work closely with experienced Engineers who have a depth of theoretical knowledge, but your firsthand skill working with metal and machines help them take a good idea and make it great.

Your workplace as a Machine Builder, is the factory floor and anywhere else heavy machinery is needed. Though your primary task is construction, you often help fabricate the parts to make the machine as well.

Also, expect to have to service your creations or other machines. The more you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, the more knowledge and skill you have when you build the next big thing. Expect a few bumps and bruises along the way though. Machine Builders work all day with fire and metal and jagged edges, so a dedication to safety and caution is called for.

You’re part of a team of other Builders, Electricians, Engineers, and every other type of technical and physical specialist you can imagine. During the course of your career, you’ll learn something from all of them, and store those skills in your mental toolbox. Being a team player, and knowing how to leverage your skills alongside the talents and experience of your coworkers, will be vital to completing each task successfully.

You can work a set shift or alternate with other teams, depending on your facility. When deadlines draw closer and the crunch is on, be ready for some overtime, but you’ll know it was all worth it when you throw the switch on the finished machine and hear it come to life.