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Machine Bender

Tend machines that bend woodstocks or veneer strips to form wooden parts.

What does a Machine Bender do?

Tends machine equipped with heated molds, platens, or roller that bends woodstock or veneer strips to form wooden parts for products, such as furniture, sports equipment, or musical instruments: Places or clamps steamed or water-soaked woodstock or veneer strips in molds or forms, under roller, or between platens shaped to specified design. Moves lever or presses button or pedal that raises hydraulic lift under molds, closes platens, or forces roller along form, to bend woodstock or veneer strips into specified shape. Removes formed parts from machine after specified period of drying time. May steam woodstock or veneer strips in retort to make them flexible [STEAM-BOX OPERATOR]. May convey processed parts to kiln for further drying or seasoning. May be designated according to article or part formed as Bender; Rib Bender.