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Luggage Maker

Cover and line luggage frames and attach hardware to complete luggage.

What does a Luggage Maker do?

Covers and lines luggage frames with fabric, leather, imitation leather, or vinyl plastics and attaches hardware to complete luggage according to sketches or customer’s order: Measures luggage frame with rule to determine size of cover material. Cuts material to size with guillotine knife, drapes material over frame, and trims it to fit, using scissors or knife. Spreads glue over back of material with brush and glues material to frame. Sews edges of material to frame, using foot-controlled stitching machine, to provide additional bond. Drills holes for rivets and attaches handles and hardware, using foot-controlled rivet punch machine. Cuts lining to fit inside of frame and glues it in place. Sews welting, piping, or chafing strips to decorate or protect luggage, using stitching machine. May build wooden luggage frames. May operate stamping machine to stamp initials on luggage [STAMPING-PRESS OPERATOR]. May repair or renovate worn or damaged luggage [LUGGAGE REPAIRER].