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Lozenge Maker

Operate machines that roll dough into sheets.

What does a Lozenge Maker do?

Operates machine that rolls dough into sheets, and embosses and cuts dough into candy lozenges: Positions and secures cutting and embossing dies in place, using wrench. Adjusts ram stroke of cutting die to synchronize it with speed of dough rollers and discharge conveyor. Turns handwheel to adjust clearance between rollers. Dumps lozenge dough into hopper and starts machine. Sprinkles cornstarch onto dough to prevent sticking to rollers and dies. Examines and weighs formed lozenges for conformity to size, shape, and weight specifications, and readjusts roller speed and clearance to meet product standards. May adjust printer bars on machines to print or emboss designs on lozenges before cutting.