Low Vision Therapist

Help people with vision problems adapt to life and work.

What does a Low Vision Therapist do?

As a Low Vision Therapist, you use non-invasive methods to help correct common vision problems. The eyesight issues you encounter include crossed eyes, lazy eyes, and double vision, to name a few. Through eye exercises and similar techniques, you help your clients with these issues, thereby easing their daily routines. As a Low Vision Therapist, you custom-design programs for them, depending on what their vision problems are.

As a Low Vision Therapist, you’re basically there to help and correct any issues that surgery would be too invasive for or would simply not help. You work closely with Doctors, and you expertly teach patients how to use their low-vision devices on their own. The work you do is very important because giving someone the chance to read a book with ease or see a loved one’s face from a distance can actually make a world of difference in his or her life.

You are a Therapist first and foremost, and as such, you work to solve issues that go beyond the physical. You’re also there as a sounding board and emotional Therapist at times. So along with poor vision correction, you also empower people to live with as much normalcy as possible.

And depending on how bad their vision continues to be, you may also end up helping them learn a new trade entirely, and teaching them how to work on their own. You are enhancing their lives, and giving them the tools necessary to live independently and relearn how to function in any situation.