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Lottery Investigator

Make sure lottery winners won fair and square.

What does a Lottery Investigator do?

A Lottery Investigator works to ensure that the people involved in a government-run lottery system are acting in accordance with the rules that keep the game fair.

Your job as a Lottery Investigator entails mostly routine tasks: background checks and fingerprinting of prospective lottery employees, on-site inspections of lottery retailers, supervising the destruction of obsolete lottery equipment and the installation of new machines, and so on. You also periodically examine lottery winnings, large and small, to ensure that no tampering has occurred when you’re a Lottery Investigator.

As the need arises, you get to the bottom of any allegations of fraud or breaches of security. You also assist in the apprehension and investigation of any retailers, consumers, or officials who have been dishonest in their dealings with the lottery. In some states, your investigations will extend to casinos, racetracks, and other establishments where gambling is allowed.

To do this job, you must be well versed in the law, have a strong sense of ethics, and be firm and direct with people. You need to quickly learn and understand lottery software, and possess good written and spoken communication skills in order to report accurate information. The job involves a fair amount of travel, as lottery retailers are spread throughout each state.

If you have an interest in law enforcement, ethics, and business, this could be the job for you.