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Loss Prevention Agent

Keep store merchandise safe from theft.

What does a Loss Prevention Agent do?

“Loss Prevention Agent” is essentially a fancy term for ” Security Guard .” In this position, you work in stores to reduce theft by both shoplifters and employees. Shoplifting and employee theft cost stores thousands each year, so jobs are readily available.

There are two parts to the work you do as a Loss Prevention Agent. The first is actual surveillance. This means you patrol the store on foot, looking for suspicious behavior and catching shoplifters in the act. Often, your presence alone is enough to deter people from stealing, thereby dropping the store’s rate of theft significantly. If your presence isn’t enough, you might add in the second part of your Loss Prevention Agent position, which is education.

When educating, you train Store Managers and employees on how to better catch and deter theft. You may suggest different policies that can be implemented to deter employee theft, or train Managers on how to react when they think an employee is stealing. You can also teach employees what to do when they sense suspicious behavior or catch a person in the act.

Another way you might help out a store is by analyzing the layout of the merchandise. If certain areas are hidden from security cameras or the eyes of the employees, it makes it easier for a person to slip a shirt or CD in their bag and get away. So you give suggestions on how to create a more open environment that makes it harder for theft to happen.