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Loom Winder Tender

Tend winding units attached to looms that wind yarns onto quills.

What does a Loom Winder Tender do?

Tends winding units attached to looms that automatically wind yarn onto quills, transfer quills to loom shuttles, and strip bunch yarn from expended quills: Positions yarn packages on machine creel and threads yarn end through guides, tensions, and yarn carrier. Places empty quills in feed tray of winding unit. Patrols aisles between looms to detect malfunctions, such as jammed quills, broken yarn ends, exhausted yarn packages, and unstripped quills in reject tray. Straightens or removes jammed quills, ties broken yarn ends, replaces exhausted yarn packages, strips yarn from rejected quills by hand, and places stripped quills in feed tray. Notifies LOOM FIXER of mechanical defects. Important variables may be indicated by trade name of machines used.