Loom Fixer

Set up, adjust, and repair looms to weave cloths.

What does a Loom Fixer do?

Sets up, adjusts, and repairs looms to weave cloth of specified quality and design, using knowledge of loom function and weaving, diagrams, and manuals: Inspects loom or woven cloth to determine adjustments or repairs needed. Repairs or replaces defective parts, such as harness straps and shuttles, and adjusts tension and timing of parts, using handtools. Levels and aligns parts, such as shuttle boxes, race plates, and reeds, to prevent excessive wear, using straightedge, level, and square. May change setup of loom to weave different pattern or different type yarn [LOOM CHANGER 683.360-010]. May be designated according to type of loom serviced as Dobby-Loom Fixer; Jacquard-Loom Fixer; Narrow-Fabric-Loom Fixer; Rapier-Insertion Loom Fixer; Water-Jet Loom Fixer.