Long Haul Truck Driver

Drive 18-wheeler big rigs from coast to coast.

What does a Long Haul Truck Driver do?

Like modern-day Cowboys riding off into the sunset on massive steel horses, Long Haul Truck Drivers deliver truckloads of cargo to warehouses all over the country. Though technology lets shoppers order products from anywhere, someone still has to deliver the items to the stores that sell them. That’s where you come in.

Each 18-wheeler you see on the interstate is driven by a Truck Driver, and Long Haul Truck Drivers are the experienced Drivers who take on long hauls back and forth across the country. You can drive at night when traffic is light, and it’s just you, the open road, and your latest karaoke CD.

Every journey starts with a safety inspection of your truck and its cargo. Then it’s time to drive, drive, drive until you’re required to take a break. Keeping a detailed 24-hour log of progress is mandatory to prove that you rest frequently. Safety comes first when you’re constantly on the road.

Two or three weeks traveling are followed by three or four days off before heading out on the open road again. Some Truck Drivers work for companies who provide regular assignments, while others buy their truck and take on private jobs.

It’s not a job for everyone-spending weeks at a time away from family and friends can strain relationships. But for those adventurous souls ready to pack up and see the sights, a career as a Long Haul Truck Driver is a well-paying job and the sightseeing experience of a lifetime.