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Long Chain Beamer

Tend machines that wind yarns in chain form.

What does a Long Chain Beamer do?

Tends machine that winds yarn in chain form from skeins or ball warps onto beams in parallel sheets: Laces end of skein around rollers and pulls end through dividers in separate skeins or inserts rod through center of ball warp and lifts warp onto stand for unwinding. Guides end of yarn chain around tension drums and lays individual strands of yarn between teeth of expansion comb. Turns crank to adjust comb to width of beam. Knots section of warp ends and inserts knots in slots of beam to hold yarn for winding. Starts, stops, and controls speed of machine with pedal. Observes yarn to detect slubs and broken or tangled ends; cuts out slubs, using scissors, and ties broken yarn ends with fingers. Inserts lease strings at intervals to preserve arrangement of yarn. Secures ends of yarn on beam with gummed tape. May doff beam, using hoist. May be designated according to type of yarn wound as Silk Beamer.