Logistics Technician

Prepare, load, and track shipments.

What does a Logistics Technician do?

Dog food, motor oil, ballpoint pens, light bulbs, frozen dinners, sneakers. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s a product that’s bought and sold, it’s a product that must be packed and shipped. And a Logistics Technician is the person who does the packing and shipping.

As a Logistics Technician, you’re employed in the retail, manufacturing, and distribution sectors, and you typically work in a warehouse environment. There, you’re part of a team that moves products to and from storage so they can make it to market.

In retail, that market might be a store out front. In manufacturing, however, it might be a store halfway around the world. These days, it might not be a store at all. Very likely, it’s the customer’s doorstep!

No matter where the product is going or how far it has to travel, your job as a Logistics Technician is to make sure it gets to its final destination. To do that, you receive and unpack shipments first, then collect and assemble warehoused merchandise for shipping. Next, you pack and address outgoing shipments.

When you’re not doing those things, you stock shelves, pack trucks, manage inventory, and track shipments. You also troubleshoot problems that arise during the shipping, receiving, and fulfillment processes.

Ultimately, logistics is about saving time and money. In collaboration with Logistics Managers and Logistics Analysts, therefore, you also execute strategies that will help your company cut costs and improve customer service.

Essentially, you’re one of Santa’s elves, packing his sleigh for a night of deliveries – except that Santa is a company, his workshop a warehouse, and his sleigh a fleet of trucks, cargo planes, and delivery people!