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Logistics Planner

Coordinate the myriad aspects of moving people, materials, or products.

What does a Logistics Planner do?

If you grew up with a love of strategy games like Risk and Warcraft, then you might have the mental acuity for a job as a Logistics Planner. As a Logistics Planner, you make sure that cargo, equipment, and people get to where they need to be, on time and under budget. You’re a master planner in the world of freight and transportation. Using your knowledge of the resources at your disposal—trucks, people, and equipment—you fill orders processed through a central office.

The most common task that you do is arranging for the movement of freight. But this simple task involves a myriad of supporting elements. You coordinate many details, including where supplies are coming from, how they will be picked up and by whom, and how long it will take them to reach their destination.

You’re a frontline commander—adapting to changing conditions on the fly to get the job done. A snowstorm in Minnesota could block a whole shipment of machine parts you need to get to a factory in Montana. It’s up to you to find a new solution.

You don’t do it alone, though. You have a team of people supporting you, including Drivers and transportation experts, shipping and packaging specialists, and staffing team leaders. If you need more trucks, people, or cargo, these professionals will be there to back you up. But it’s up to you to figure out how best to utilize them.

Most Logistics Planners work 40-hour workweeks, with most of that time spent on a computer and/or phone. Overtime is a must when plans break down. Your shifts could vary widely: nights, weekends, or regular rotations.