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Logistics Operations Manager

Organize the shipment of goods to and from a warehouse.

What does a Logistics Operations Manager do?

As a Logistics Operations Manager, you’re in charge of distribution for your company. You’re the grandmaster of the warehouse, orchestrating shipping and receiving so that at the end of the day, the inventory adds up correctly.

Every day, companies send and receive a lot of products. These companies hire you, the Logistics Operations Manager, to oversee the goods they’re either producing or importing. This includes managing and hiring the people — like Van Drivers and Truckers — who work with inventory directly, and coordinating with outside services like UPS and FedEx. And when the goods have been delivered, you’re responsible for making sure that everything is intact, and that the shippers paid attention to boxes marked “Fragile” and “This side up.”

Time management is one of your most important devices for success as a Logistics Operations Manager. This is not the type of job where you can consistently sleep past your alarm. An on-time shipment is the difference between keeping and losing a customer. In a world where people want things as quickly as possible, you have to keep up with the unrelenting pace of the industry.

Occasionally, though, a shipment will be late or damaged, and you’re the one who resolves tension and develops a solution. Sometimes, that means negotiating with suppliers; other times, it means you have to order in a few extra hours of overtime.

But you can do more than mere management of employees and inventory. You can also change the way this side of a business is run by analyzing shipping routes, modes of transportation, and the number of products being shipped at once. It’s an intense dance between leadership, time management, and problem solving, but if you know your stuff, you can increase efficiency and make your company run at tip-top shape.