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Logistics Manager

Make decisions regarding a company's transportation methods and costs.

What does a Logistics Manager do?

Logistics is concerned with moving materials or products from one location to another. For a logistics manager, this might be gathering raw resources for a production facility or shipping the finished product to a warehouse or store. Or you might also be involved in moving information from a database to a long-term storage system, or figuring out a way to organize people in a more efficient manner.

Logistics managers tend to work for companies like production facilities, utilities, shippers, or retailers. You oversee the logistics analysts who gather and process information about the most effective locations for production and storage, cost-saving measures, the most efficient means of transport, and ways to streamline the production process.

After they crunch the numbers, you use that information to make managerial decisions. Should you increase shipments to twice a week? Would it make more sense to schedule night-time deliveries? This is generally a team decision where you work with managers from other departments in the decision-making process. In a production facility, for example, you consult with the production manager, engineers, and upper management.

You need effective communication and listening skills to be able to relay important facts and information. For the greatest job satisfaction, you should be a natural problem-solver, have the ability to think outside the box, and enjoy working with a variety of people.