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Logistics Clerk

Answer calls, take shipments, and fill out forms to keep packages moving.

What does a Logistics Clerk do?

Logistics is all about moving goods or people from one place to another. As a Logistics Clerk, you help out with this movement by providing administrative and customer service support for the logistics department. Organizations that hire for this position are mostly shipping, transport, or moving companies, but as a Logistics Clerk, you can work for anyone who regularly needs to get things or people from point A to point B.

A Logistics Clerk is an entry-level position and as such, you don’t have a ton of exciting responsibilities. You answer phone calls, take shipping orders, give price quotes, and fill out forms. You also respond to e-mail inquiries about things like how much it costs to ship something, when a customer’s products will arrive, or where the shipment currently is. Additionally, you do data entry, and keep track of packages as they move to their final destination.

After a client has signed on with your company, it’s your job to send out their information and arrange for a pickup by the carrier. You arrange for multiple pickups at once so your company can get the most amount of freight moving for the lowest cost possible.

This may sound kind of boring, but the job is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and learn more about the freight business. If you have any interest in becoming a Freight Agent or Cargo Coordinator, this is a good position to start.