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Plan out ways to get stuff from one place to another.

What does a Logistician do?

Have you ever wondered how those massive concrete tubes got to the construction site? Or how an airplane is moved from one place to another if it can’t fly yet? These are questions that a Logistician can expertly answer. As a Logistician, you figure out how to get products and materials from here to there.

Is it challenging to be a Logistician? Of course it is. There are many factors to consider. When does the product need to arrive? Does it require refrigeration? Will it necessitate large machinery to load or unload? Each of these considerations goes into deciding on the best method of transport.rn rnAirplanes, trains, ships, UPS, FedEx, USPS…what to choose? Most of us would be overwhelmed by such a dilemma. But because you understand how long each mode of transport takes, what costs are involved, and what each is capable of, you make the decision-making look so easy. After you make the decision, you begin coordinating the process. You plan for pickup, clarify shipping requirements, and verify delivery.

When you’re not confirming pickup and delivery schedules, you spend your time researching new transportation options, negotiating terms with vendors, and signing contracts with suppliers. You typically work for large shipping companies or businesses with unique needs, such as construction companies or chemical manufacturers. This often requires expertise in international shipping practices. In addition, you need an aptitude for problem-solving.