Logging Tractor Operator

Drive tractors to skid, load, unload, or stack logs.

What does a Logging Tractor Operator do?

Drives straight or articulated tractor equipped with one or more accessories, such as bulldozer blade, grapple, logging arch, cable winches, hoisting rack, and crane boom, to skid, load, unload, or stack logs, pull stumps, or clear brush. Gives or receives signals from coworkers regarding moving logs. May build or repair logging and skid roads. May drive logging tractor equipped with crawler treads. May saw felled trees into lengths [BUCKER 454.684-010]. May be designated according to accessory equipment operated as Logging-Arch Operator; Logging-Tractor Operator, Swamp; Log-Stacker Operator; Skid-Grapple Operator; Skidder Operator.