Logging Supervisor

Oversee logging operations so timber quotas are met and crews are safe.

What does a Logging Supervisor do?

Whittled bookends, windowsills, and birthday hats all have two things in common: they’re made of wood, and you may actually have had a hand in producing them. The wood used to make these products, and others like them, come from logging operations around the world. As a Logging Supervisor, you oversee the work of the crew that cuts and transports trees out of the forests and into manufacturing plants.

When you’re a Logging Supervisor, you handle every part of the logging process. For example, you check on and maintain the equipment, make crew schedules, and keep track of all the work that gets done. The logging company, corporation, or government agency that employs a logging crew has an expected amount of work that should be done each day. As the Logging Supervisor, you make sure that work gets done on time and in a quality manner. You do this by organizing your workers. Based on factors like who has more experience, and how much work a particular area needs, you might give your workers different assignments in different locations.

A big part of your job concerns safety. You go to great pains to ensure that your workers are well trained, and that nothing bad happens to them, the environment, or anyone who lives in the surrounding area. After you train, organize, and send your workers out for the day, you also follow them out to the forest. This job involves a lot of time spent outdoors as you check up on any problems and help out with jobs as needed.