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Log Peeler

Scrape bark off of logs to ready them for processing at the wood mill.

What does a Log Peeler do?

As trees grow, they develop a thick bark that protects them from birds, insects, and other pests. When the trees are cut down, that bark must be removed so saws can process the wood without being hung up. Your job as a Log Peeler is to remove that bark.

Much of your work as a Log Peeler is done by hand. There aren’t many machines available that can peel logs as quickly, or as accurately, as a well-trained Log Peeler. Because of this, you’ll learn to take pride in your work, although it’s likely to be rigorous and physically demanding.

You use a wedge to secure the log so it won’t roll away while you’re working. Then you use an incredibly sharp tool to scrape the bark away in one long motion along the length of the tree. You rotate the log, and perform this motion again. If you encounter small branch stubs along the bark, you remove those using a chainsaw or hatchet.

When all sides of the log have been peeled and it looks much like a stripped-down carrot, you drag it to a drying area so the sap can run out and the log can be sent through the saw. You may stack a board on top of the log to make it dry slightly faster. When they’re dry, you strap several logs together with banding materials. Then you go back to the pile and grab the next log for peeling, and the process starts over again.