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Loft Worker

Lay out lines of ships to full scale on mold-loft floors.

What does a Loft Worker do?

Lays out lines of ship to full scale on mold-loft floor and constructs templates and molds to be used as patterns and guides for layout and fabrication of various structural parts of ships: Lays out full-scale portions of ship’s plan, working from blueprints and tables of offsets. Marks frame lines and other reference lines on loft floor with marking instrument. Measures dimensions between lines and prepares table of offsets. Compares prepared tables with tables on blueprints. Constructs template, using knowledge of geometric construction, and handtools and woodworking machines, such as crosscut, rip, and bandsaws. Marks templates with identifying data and instructions, such as number of pieces to be made, type, and weight of stock, and location for installation. Constructs full scale wood mockups of ship’s parts and sections for use as guide in shaping or positioning parts. May construct wooden plug mold parts, such as hulls, decks, and cabins of fiberglass boats, and be designated Plug Builder.