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Lodge Officer

Manage a branch of a fraternal organization, like the Masons.

What does a Lodge Officer do?

People often join fraternal organizations like the Masons, the Elks Club, and the Lions Club to meet other people, have fun, and learn secret handshakes. These organizations often run like mini-governments. Someone must be in charge, or nothing gets done and the lodge disintegrates. As a Lodge Officer, you’re that person providing management and leadership at the lodge.

A lodge must have a budget and as the Lodge Officer, you hold the purse strings, making payments and taking fees. When funds run low, you organize fundraisers to refill the pot. Strong-arming other members to make them participate in the fundraisers may not be your favorite activity, but it must be done. A day will never be mundane when you’re a Lodge Officer. When the lodge needs repairs, you interview Contractors, take bids, and supervise the repairs as they’re being done.

You also preside over meetings. The lodge may use formal procedures to conduct these meetings, and you must know those procedures by heart so you can keep things moving forward in an orderly manner. Sometimes, you may need to shout out the lodge’s bylaws and rules to settle disputes. Making flashcards can help you learn all the minute rules, terms, and laws.

The work you do often must be kept secret, meaning you won’t be able to talk about your workday in detail with your spouse or children. This may make them a tad resentful, but keeping up with current events and reading modern books can give you something to fill the conversational void.