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Locomotive Lubricating Systems Clerk

Keep and review records pertaining to locomotive lubricating systems.

What does a Locomotive Lubricating Systems Clerk do?

Keeps and reviews records and reports pertaining to locomotive lubricating systems and advises railroad repair shops when locomotives require oil change or repair to lubricating systems: Scans incoming reports to identify locomotives with oil contamination. Dials computer dial phone to obtain location of oil-contaminated locomotives. Telephones and directs clerks at reported locations to notify maintenance personnel to determine contamination causes and make necessary repairs. Requests that locomotives be pushed to nearest repair shops when bad-oil reports indicate need for major repairs. Reviews reports to identify locomotives requiring repeated repairs and advises need for major repairs to prevent possible crankshaft damage. Verifies and records informational data on all repairs. Plots weekly and 10-week-average graphs and prepares reports on locomotives’ lubrication oil and lubrication systems. May test locomotive water for chromate contents, using spectrophotometer, and notify repair shops of need for rust or clogging-preventative additives.