Install, adjust, repair, and open locks.

What does a Locksmith do?

“Holding the keys to every door” might sound like a lyric from a bad love song, but really it’s the job description of a Locksmith. A Locksmith installs and repairs locks of all types, anything from a safe’s door to an office’s electronic entry system. As the Locksmith, you’re the one called when someone gets locked out of their car, wants to change locks on a cheating spouse, or needs information on which locks provide the best security.

With so many different types of locks and so many different requests from clients, no two jobs ever look the same on a day-to-day basis as a Locksmith. You might start your day installing a safe into a home office, and end it unlocking a car or duplicating keys. Your other duties include putting bars on windows, reproducing keys, installing keypad locks, opening safes, and changing combinations on existing locks.

You use a variety of tools to do these jobs—anything from lock picks and screwdrivers for opening doors, to drills and power tools for making new keys. Because you work different locations, and often need to find tools at a moment’s notice, you find it convenient to work out of a moving office, a.k.a. a van.

Explaining and creating security are two of your big responsibilities. Clients call you for advice on the best option possible when it comes to locking their home or business. Especially today, with all of the new electronic locks available, you need to be knowledgeable about lock options, and to have the ability to explain what works best.