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Locker Plant Attendant

Perform duties in frozen-food locker plants.

What does a Locker Plant Attendant do?

Performs any combination of following duties in frozen-food locker plant: Wraps food in protective paper or plastic film and ties package by hand or machine. Stamps identifying label and weight on package. Packs wrapped packages in baskets and places them in freezing room until frozen, then transfers them to designated storage lockers. Records items packed, weight, and locker numbers, and sends data to business office. Fills orders from customers’ lockers on written request and retail orders from stock. Slices, grinds, and cubes meat by machine. Cleans work area in processing room. May cut beef, pork, or other meat into roasts, chops, steaks, or other forms as requested by customer [MEAT CUTTER]. May sell containers for freezing fruits and vegetables. May issue receipts for foods left for freezing. May collect service fees from customers.