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Lock Operator

Control machineries to open and close locks and dams on canals.

What does a Lock Operator do?

Controls machinery to open and close locks and dams on canal: Observes gauges and turns valves to increase or decrease water level in lock. Observes positions of vessels and tie-up of mooring lines in lock to ensure optimum utilization of lock space and prevent vessel damage. Logs data, such as water levels, weather conditions, and type, number, and destination of vessels. Starts motors to open gates and sections of dams for passage of vessels. Turns on navigation lights and traffic signals along canal. Cleans, oils, and makes minor repairs to equipment. Collects lock slips from vessel operators and submits slips to supervisor. Ties or slips line-eyes over bitts on lock deck to secure vessels. May direct activities of workers engaged in mooring vessels in lock.