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Loan Review Analyst

Evaluate quality of commercial loans and assign risk ratings.

What does a Loan Review Analyst do?

Evaluates quality of commercial loans and assigns risk rating: Selects loans to evaluate for credit risk according to factors, such as geographical location, and type and amount of loan. Records data on work sheet, such as purpose of loan, balance, collateral, and repayment terms. Verifies value of collateral by calling appraisers and auction houses for current value of machinery and equipment. Calls real estate appraiser for new real estate appraisal. Evaluates information to determine whether lending officers have stayed within guidelines of lending authority, if loan is in compliance with banking regulations, and if required documents have been obtained. Identifies problem loans and describes deficiencies. Assigns risk rating indicating borrower’s financial strength and probability of loan repayment. Writes summary of analysis and reasons for assigning adverse risk rating. May act as senior analyst and coordinate data collection and evaluations of credit quality of commercial loans, and present loan review information and report to management.