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Loading Machine Adjuster

Set up machines to fill cartridge cases with powder and insert bullets.

What does a Loading Machine Adjuster do?

Sets up automatic machine to fill small arms cartridge cases with powder and insert bullets: Installs machine parts, such as shell and bullet dials, carriers, punches, crimping die, and powder charge regulator, to accommodate designated size and type of cartridge to be filled, using handtools. Turns setscrews or nuts to adjust and synchronize mechanisms. Cleans machine and lubricates moving parts. Polishes punches and dies to remove scratches or adhering brass, using bench grinder and emery cloth. Disassembles machine or parts to remove jammed cartridges and to replace worn or broken parts. Tests sample of cartridges for pullout of bullets and weighs powder load, using pull-test machine and gram scale. Records test results. Gives instructions to new workers in operation of machines and use of gauges.