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Live In Nanny

Help raise your employer's children within the comfort of their home.

What does a Live In Nanny do?

A Live In Nanny assists parents by being a Caretaker for their children. Unlike a regular Nanny, however, a Live In Nanny not only works in a family’s home but also lives there, which allows the parents to work their own full-time jobs while also ensuring that their children are cared for.

You see, parenting is one job that you can’t ever turn off. While most people can put their work away at the end of the day – an Astronaut, for instance, can always come back down to earth, and a Taxi Driver can always park his car – if you’re a mom or a dad, getting time off typically requires getting help. And there’s no better help than a Live In Nanny.

Although your duties as a Live In Nanny vary depending on the needs of the family you work for, they typically include supervising, bathing, and entertaining children, as well as doing their laundry, shopping for them, cooking for them, and cleaning up after them. If your employer has a baby, it also involves preparing bottles and changing diapers.

Being a Live In Nanny requires being a lot more than a Child Care Specialist, however. It also requires being a Teacher and Tutor, as you’re often expected to help educate children by assisting them with homework and teaching them life skills like time management, good manners, and organization.

Although you can’t replace parents, you’re paid to supplement them for eight to 10 hours a day. Not as a short-term Babysitter, but rather as a full-time member of the family!