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Litigation Secretary

Organize schedules, activities, and documents for Trial Lawyers.

What does a Litigation Secretary do?

This position has many things in common with other secretarial positions. When you’re a Litigation Secretary, you answer phones, filter emails, and schedule appointments. But as a Litigation Secretary, you do all this in an office that employs one or several Litigation Lawyers, and probably a handful of Litigation Paralegals as well. The term “litigation” simply refers to cases that are headed to trial.

Your job as the Litigation Secretary is to provide support for the legal team. This requires some special knowledge of law. Just as a Dental Secretary understands medical charts and specialized dental computer programs, you understand the components of litigation. With this knowledge, you answer client questions and understand the many documents you put together, receive, or send.

Some of your duties overlap with those of the Paralegal. In fact, in some offices, the Paralegal is also the Litigation Secretary. In larger offices though, the Paralegal does research, completes documents for the court, and interviews clients, while you are in charge of the front office.

You answer the phone, transfer calls, and take messages. You also respond to emails pertaining to information about the office. In addition, you assist the Lawyer and Paralegal during the research and discovery process, through court proceedings, and after the case is resolved.

You spend your days coordinating the activities of teams of Lawyers, Paralegals, and court representatives, including Judges. Because of this, all forms of communication are a key part of your job. To be able to handle all of these dealings, you need to be a strong multitasker, and always display a professional demeanor.