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Litigation Paralegal



Help Litigation Lawyers win cases by handling the prep work.

What does a Litigation Paralegal do?

A Litigation Paralegal is the right-hand man/woman of the Litigation Lawyer. You provide research, draft court documents, interview clients, and keep the Lawyer organized.

Your job starts long before a case sees the inside of a courtroom when you’re a Litigation Paralegal. You invest many hours in identifying, contacting, and interviewing witnesses and clients. You dig deep to find supporting information such as loopholes in the law, prior trial cases, or material evidence (like telephone records), if you want to be a prominent Litigation Paralegal.

Along the way, you produce boxes of paperwork. You draft most of the documents for the courts, as well as organize communication between the Lawyer’s office, opposing Counsel, and the clients. You also respond to memos, phone calls, and emails. If a document needs to be filed with the courts, you deliver it and ensure that it’s filed in the proper way.

In addition to paperwork, you provide organization to the entire process. You keep track of court dates and deadlines, and make sure the Lawyer completes paperwork and shows up in court when necessary. You organize the plethora of work so when the Lawyer asks for something, you know exactly where to find it. In fact, you do nearly everything except represent the client in front of the Judge.

This is an important position that’s rich in intrinsic rewards. To do it well, you need to be willing to work outside the regular eight to five, have an acute attention to detail, and enjoy working in a pressured environment.

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