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Literary Consultant

Counsel Authors how to produce excellent work and get it published.

What does a Literary Consultant do?

As a Literary Consultant, you give your clients advice on their writing, and help them to establish connections with Editors, Publishers, and Artists if necessary. You may need to do a significant amount of research, and you most definitely will be doing much of your own writing, through notes, proofs, and editing when you’re a Literary Consultant.

You help Writers not only with their style and voice, but also with self-publishing and copyrighting their work. Another aspect of your job as a Literary Consultant has to do with acting as their Agent. Although strictly speaking, a Literary Agent (which is a completely different job title) takes care of this aspect, new Writers may be looking for someone who does it all. Besides, promoting a Writer whom you helped to edit and publish is also good business for you.

You should have significant experience with copy editing, proofreading, and, of course, writing. It wouldn’t hurt either if you’ve had some experience with publishing, marketing, and sales. All of those aspects go into a book, so a Writer with no experience will look to you for answers.

This is an exciting opportunity for both you and the Writer. For the Author, it is a chance to have their work read and nudged in the right direction by someone as knowledgeable with the industry as yourself. And for you, it is a chance to help out a struggling Author, and to get worthy material out into the public.