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Liquor Stores and Agencies Supervisor

Direct activities of alcoholic beverage control authorities.

What does a Liquor Stores and Agencies Supervisor do?

Directs activities of alcoholic beverage control authority in counties or other governmental units of states operating retail liquor stores: Coordinates, through subordinates, purchasing, sale, inventory control, display, tabulating of receipts, and warehousing of beverages in stores according to public demand and established policy of control authority. Visits stores to inspect facilities and procedures and evaluate condition of stock. Authorizes transfer of beverages among stores to maintain fresh, balanced stock. Recommends expansion, remodeling, or relocation of stores according to accepted merchandising principles and policy of authority. Reviews sales and inventory reports to develop more efficient procedures and to supply data on beverage consumption to legislative officials or other interested parties. May plan window displays or other merchandising techniques to stimulate sales. May direct activities of state self-service stores and be designated Supervisor, Self-Service Store.