Liquor Bridge Operator

Tend equipment to regulate flow of liquors.

What does a Liquor Bridge Operator do?

Tends equipment to regulate flow of liquor from char filters to receiving tanks, as scheduled: Opens valves and starts pumps to maintain flow of liquor into specified storage tank. Places weir box under outlet pipe from filter with flow box outlet over gutter leading to tank inlet. Changes position of weir, in accordance with notices from CHAR-FILTER OPERATOR, as prescribed by schedules, or when tests of salt content, densities, and purities indicate change in quality of liquor. Regulates flow of soft liquor bypass to attain specified color and purity of soft-sugar liquor. Records hourly readings of soft-liquor flow and purities. Directs LIQUOR-BRIDGE-OPERATOR HELPER in regulating flow and routing of sweetwater and wash waters from char filters. Keeps record of filter operations. Takes samples of liquors for laboratory analysis.