Liquid Center Assembler

Mold golf ball center covers and encase liquid centers in molded covers.

What does a Liquid Center Assembler do?

Molds golf ball center covers and encases liquid centers in molded covers: Fills pans with specified amounts of water and chemicals and packs dry ice around pans. Places liquid centers for golf balls in series of pans of chemical solutions to freeze liquid, remove gelatin cover, and clean surface. Centers rubber disks on mold, closes cover, and inserts mold in press. Pulls lever to close press and mold disks into semispheres. Removes mold, places semispheres in upper and lower cavities of molding press, places frozen centers on semispheres, and pulls lever to close mold. Opens mold after prescribed time and removes centers encased in rubber. Pulls flash from around centers and places them in dry ice preparatory to vulcanizing.