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Linotype Machinist

Adjust and repair linotype machines.

What does a Linotype Machinist do?

Adjusts and repairs linotype machines and related equipment, according to maintenance schedule, diagnosis of machine malfunctioning, and manufacturer’s service manuals: Inspects machines and operates keyboard to detect potential malfunctions, listening to machine operation for evidence of excessive wear and need for adjustment. Confers with operators of faulty machines to determine nature of malfunction and dismantles suspected components, using handtools. Repairs, straightens, files, or machines worn or defective parts, using handtools and machines, such as drill press, lathe, and grinder. Verifies dimensions of new or repaired parts, using micrometer, feeler gauges, and fixed gauges. Replaces repaired parts or installs new parts to restore machine to operating condition. Cleans parts of machine, such as matrices, magazines, plunger, and spaceband, according to prescribed schedule, using brushes, cloth, and cleaning agents. Lubricates grease fittings and moving parts of machine, using grease gun and oilcan. Determines temperature of machine melting pot, using thermometer, to ascertain need for adjustment or repair. May maintain supply of type metal in melting pots. May operate slug-casting machine to form metal bars and strips for securing type during printing. In smaller establishments, may perform duties of LINOTYPE OPERATOR 650.582-010.