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Lingerie Buyer

Haggle with sellers to get the hottest intimate wear onto store racks.

What does a Lingerie Buyer do?

The job of a Lingerie Buyer is pretty close to that of a Fashion Buyer or a Vintage Fashion Buyer in that you work for clothing stores, buying the merchandise they sell to their customers. The difference between you and the other Buyers lies in what you buy. As a Lingerie Buyer, you only shop for women’s clothing, particularly what goes underneath.

However, when you’re a Lingerie Buyer, you don’t choose just any underwear. Pretty much everything you buy is sexy. In other words, you don’t spend your days as a Lingerie Buyer searching for the perfect pair of full-coverage briefs to put on store shelves.

In order to do this job well, you need a good eye for fashion. You have to be able to forecast trends and decide what people will want to wear in the upcoming season (yes, underwear has seasons, though it might not seem like it does). You work to stay on top of market research and consumer desire to make sure your company is at the forefront of all fashion trends.

You work closely with Lingerie Designers (who let you know the next hot thing) and suppliers. You negotiate prices with suppliers, and create close connections with them to ensure your stores get what they need when they need it and in the right amount. Often, this job involves a lot of travel as well. You can go everywhere from fashion shows to factories, where you check on things like fabrics and the quality of the goods.