Line Walker

Patrol oil and gas pipelines and communication systems.

What does a Line Walker do?

Patrols oil and gas pipelines and communication systems on foot, horseback, or in automobile to locate and repair leaks, breaks, washouts, and damaged utility wires and poles: Inspects pipelines to detect evidence of leaks, such as oil stains, odors, and dead vegetation. Repairs small leaks, using caulking tools, hammers, clamps, and wrenches. Reports large leaks and washouts to district office. Inspects telephone and telegraph wires to locate broken insulators, wires and fallen poles, and reports findings. Inspects operation of automatic drip bleeder on gaslines to detect malfunctions, such as clogged valves, and adjusts or repairs valves, using handtools. Installs and replaces warning signs along road and water crossings. Prepares inspection reports.