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Line Assembly Utility Worker

Determine conditions impeding flow of work on motor vehicle assembly lines.

What does a Line Assembly Utility Worker do?

Determines conditions impeding flow of work on motor vehicle assembly line and notifies responsible personnel that corrective action is necessary: Informs workers of supervisor’s instructions. Notifies supervisor of substandard assembly work and defective parts, tools, equipment, and material, or other conditions which hinder assembly process. Notifies supervisor of excessive number of damaged or defective parts, and requests replacement supply of standard parts to expedite work flow. Discusses methods of resolving recurring production problems with workers and supervisors, utilizing knowledge of assembly process. Observes material stock along assembly line and notifies materials-handling personnel or supervisor of impending shortages. Serves temporarily as ASSEMBLER, MOTOR VEHICLE 806.684-010 in work-congested areas. Instructs new workers and demonstrates new or changed operations. May substitute for workers at moving-line assembly operation. May work as member of assembly group and be assigned to different stages of production process. May participate in group meetings to exchange job related information.