Lime Slaker

Tend rotary slakers or open batch tanks that mix lime and water.

What does a Lime Slaker do?

Tends rotary slaker or open batch tank that mixes lime and water to make milk of lime by either of following methods: Regulates automatic feed of lime and water into rotary slaker to obtain continuous production of milk of lime. Tests concentration with hydrometer. Weighs lime and dumps lime into tank. Adds water and starts agitators to dissolve lime. Tests specific gravity of mixture with hydrometer and adds lime or water to obtain specified concentration. Opens drain valve or starts pump to transfer mixture through mesh screens or settling tank into storage tank. May separate coarse and fine lime particles in classifier. May crush or grind limestone in crushing machine or ball mill. May collect samples of lime or waste material for assaying. May test lime solution by titration to determine its concentration. May heat water with steam coils to speed mixing process.