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Lighting technician



Set up and operate lighting equipment in a theater or film setting.

What does a Lighting technician do?

Lighting technicians manage the lighting in shows in the entertainment industry, such as concerts, theater, film, and TV shows. You understand the lighting requirements, and you set up the lighting and filter equipment accordingly. Safety checks are essential, so you verify that all lighting equipment is working, all fixtures are secure, and all wires are concealed. During the shoot, lighting technicians operate the equipment, often controlled by a computer system, taking cues from the manager. With your skills, you illuminate a scene or create different moods and effects. After the filming, you take down the equipment and make sure it is properly stored. You might also be responsible for buying new equipment, assigning tasks to the team, and managing the lighting budget.

Good technical skills and knowledge of electrical systems are prerequisites. You should be able to work on a team, communicate well, and solve problems. Handling equipment and positioning fixtures require you to be physically fit. Although a degree is not required for this job, you should have knowledge of electronics so a vocational training course might be of use.

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