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Ensure people’s safety near water.

What does a Lifeguard do?

A lifeguard works in pools or at beaches to make sure that people in the water are safe. You have to be alert as you patrol the poolside or beach. You may have an elevated chair or a watch tower to better observe the activities in the water. Enforcement of all safety regulations and handling of all disciplinary issues may also be your responsibility. In the event of a mishap, you must know how to perform lifesaving activities such as resuscitation and first aid. Your job may also include providing swimming training to novices and children.

Some of the skills you need as a lifeguard are sharp observation skills and the ability to react calmly and effectively in emergencies. Knowledge of rescue techniques, CPR, and emergency medical procedures is a must. You need to be an excellent swimmer and be physically fit. Training and a certification in lifesaving from the Red Cross or similar training programs are also prerequisites for this position.