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Library Technician

Show visitors how to use technology to research and find resources.

What does a Library Technician do?

Book and knowledge lovers alike will find their place in the world as a Library Technician. In charge of assisting library patrons, keeping track of the vast collections of books, and organizing new materials, the Library Technician ensures the free resource of learning is always available to the public.

Most people might know how to check out a book, but many adults still don’t understand how to use a computer or look up a book in the card catalog. As technology changes over from paper cards to electronic barcode scanners, patrons feel confused and unsure how to do the tasks that seemed so easy before. So as the Library Technician, you help these people find books, check them out, and research information online.

Beyond these daily tasks, you also plan out and oversee weekend activities. A children’s story time goes from boring to a blast when you create a hands-on craft project kids can make while listening to a captivating tale. Computer classes help adults learn skills that will help them land better jobs, and choosing new books to order for the library collection ensures your resources are always up to date.

Whether you come for the people, the atmosphere, or the books, as a Library Technician you’ll combine your love of all three. No college student ever leaves without information for their research paper when you’re around. And when someone wants to read only the best new books on the market, they know to turn to you for good advice.