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Library Page

Greet and guide visitors while stocking and cleaning library shelves.

What does a Library Page do?

If you have a penchant for literature, love the thought of being surrounded by books day in and day out, and enjoy helping people, a job as a Library Page could be just what you’re looking for. A typical day for a Library Page involves arranging books and other library materials so they remain in order, accessing information through computer software, assisting patrons by answering any questions, directing them to the correct area, and checking books in and out.

Love working with people and have an outgoing, sociable personality? A Library Page position may be perfect since it’s typically a pleasant working environment where you can show off your people skills. You not only help patrons find what they need, or show them how to use equipment such as copiers, but you can also chat with them about their favorite books or literature genres.

Someone who really appreciates the value of literature and reading will thrive in the library environment and find working as a Library Page enjoyable. Some light housekeeping duties may also be part of your regular repertoire, ranging from dusting shelves, watering plants, and keeping the library neat and orderly.

There are usually both part-time and full-time Library Page positions available, so whether you’re searching for a way to satisfy your hunger for books and chatting with like-minded patrons for a few hours a week, or looking to support yourself through this position, a job as a Library Page offers flexibility.