Library Media Specialist

Show students and Teachers how to use electronic gadgets.

What does a Library Media Specialist do?

Long gone are the days when computer time was just a few hours a week, and kids learned about computers by playing Oregon Trail. Nowadays, students have electronics in their classrooms, iPhones in their pockets, and laptops in their homes.

To help people keep up with technology changes, the position of Library Media Specialist was born. A Library Media Specialist is essentially a combination of Librarian and Teacher, with an electronic twist. You teach both students and teachers how to use the latest in computers and electronics as a Library Media Specialist. This in turn aids them in their studies or teaching.

When you’re working with students, you focus on different ways to do research, and explain how to find good online sources (hint: Wikipedia doesn’t count). Just like in any library, you read stories and check out books. When you’re working with Teachers, you train them on how to use different electronic sources to teach and explain the latest in computer programs. You might show them how to create a Powerpoint presentation, or explain the best way to search an online database for a class activity.

When you’re not teaching, you work with School Administrators and Teachers to figure out what the school and its students need as far as electronics go. You order new books and software, create a budget for the media center, and help plan out ways to integrate media into curriculums. You also keep up to date on the latest in media developments, and make sure to constantly change your lessons to match what students need to learn.